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International School of Design made a promising beginning under the aegis of educationists & industry leaders few years back. Having set our own challenging benchmarks and goals we gradually climbed every rung of the ladder. Living up to our own expectations we are now one of the prominent players in the design education sector in the country.

With a clear vision to contributing back to the national and International design scenario which transpired into best opportunities for our young designers to participate in the real world of Interior, Fashion, Jewellery & Textile design. Our training modules are best suited to make aspiring designers a perfect fit to not only most promising brands of the globe but also initiate startups into a successful business after pursuing their course of study at the International School of Design.International School of Design had a rewarding journey so far. INSD is a now a pioneer in envisioning and evolving design education in the country through a national network of several professionally managed training centres all across India.

The ideology behind our education system is to contribute significantly to the development of the Indian Design Industry. INSD has set academic standards and excelled in thought leadership by providing a pool of creative genius and technically competent professionals. Always in spotlight INSD collaborated with prominent causes & organizations including The India Runway Week as their educational partners in September 2015 and set new milestones down the road for young designers in its endeavor to give back to the Indian design industry by providing a pool of creative genius and technically competent professionals that competes with the best in the world.

International School of Design takes delight in its past achievements & head strong approach and look forth to a rewarding future for our students, associates & future partners. Our 1,2,3 year courses in Fashion, Interior, Jewellery & Textile design are designed precisely to carve the best out of our fresh and promising student designers and embark their strong presence to the globe.

Sunjey Aggarwal – Founder & CEO

Take your first step towards glory. It all begins here. Belong to the future with INSD.

About INSD Bhilai

International School of Design is the best upcoming design institute in India made a promising beginning aegi s of educationalist and leaders. INSD Bhilai  with a clear vision to contributing back to the national and international design scenario, which transpired into best opportunities for the young  brigade to participate in the real world of Interior, Fashion, Jewellery, Textile, Graphics, Animation, Photography, Beauty & Grooming. INSD Bhilai collaborated with prominent causes and organizations and has set new milestones for the young talents.

Sandeep Kaur

Vinod Soni

We help you believe

If you want others to believe in you, then you must first believe in it yourself. If you want others in the world to believe in you, then you must first believe in yourself. A belief in yourself provides the cornerstone from which to build your dreams into realities.

Acquire knowledge

Knowledge is power. No-one knows you as well as you do and no-one knows you as well as you do. A lack of self esteem generally stems from a fear of some description, the most common being a fear of failure. A fear of failure can often be described more accurately as a fear of the unknown. This fear can be eliminated with knowledge, allowing self-confidence to grow.

Identify your skills

Identifying your own unique skills can be extremely empowering. Knowing what you’re good at and where your strengths lie can give you the confidence to tackle any of life’s little challenges
head on.

Gain experience

As you gain experience, you gain knowledge and with that knowledge comes power. ‘Learn from your mistakes’ is a common saying but it’s just as important to learn from your successes. You can analyze a negative experience to ensure it doesn’t happen again but if you take the time to analyze a positive experience, you can ensure it does happen again. The experience of achieving success through setting carefully planned goals helps to ensure further success through gaining greater self-confidence.

Have the right attitude

Your attitude is essential to your success. A positive attitude and a belief that everything, including you, can change is the best way to remain optimistic through challenging times.