We help you believe?

If you want others to believe in you, then you must first believe in it yourself. If you want others in the world to believe in you, then you must first believe in yourself. A belief in yourself provides the cornerstone from which to build your dreams into realities.

Acquire knowledge

Knowledge is power. No-one knows you as well as you do and no-one knows you as well as you do. A lack of self esteem generally stems from a fear of some description, the most common being a fear of failure. A fear of failure can often be described more accurately as a fear of the unknown. This fear can be eliminated with knowledge, allowing self-confidence to grow.

Have the right attitude

Your attitude is essential to your success. A positive attitude and a belief that everything, including you, can change is the best way to remain optimistic through challenging times.

Gain experience

As you gain experience, you gain knowledge and with that knowledge comes power. ‘Learn from your mistakes’ is a common saying but it’s just as important to learn from your successes. You can analyze a negative experience to ensure it doesn’t happen again but if you take the time to analyze a positive experience, you can ensure it does happen again. The experience of  achieving success through setting carefully planned goals helps to ensure further success through gaining greater self-confidence.

Identify your skills

Identifying your own unique skills can be extremely empowering. Knowing what you’re good at and where your strengths lie can give you the confidence to tackle any of life’s little challenges head on.

Student speaks:

After 12th, I wanted to follow the career of my dreams. I did not want to follow the norm blindly and enroll for big names. I did a lot of research and finally decided to join INSD and achieve my own successful career in fashion. Because only INSD gives me the guarantee of success through planned courses, taught by the best of the industry. I made the right decision, why should you be any different?

Class of 2017: Bachelors programme Fashion Design & technology