Our course contends and teaching approaches enable students to develop their individual creative identity and capacity to be a professional: from a supported learner to maestro and emerging professional.
Develop skills, cultivate new talent, this has been the mission of the international school of design. Beginning with fashion and progressing to design, it has always been the aim of the institute to provide students with the best means of expressing themselves creatively. Today INSD is an established and recognized Institute of aesthetic principles, which has a strong Indian imprint. It works along with the most interesting names as advisors in the design industry; with teacher practitioners that convey their expertise to train the excellence of tomorrow’s industry professionals. Our training comes with constant contact, through the faculty, and the industries in the sector, which help us in order to help nurture and choose the stars of tomorrow.

Exploring newer dimensions

Education can be used to investigate new dimensions, which are aimed at pedagogical ffordances of altered ways of thinking. Educationists have ordered a range of methods and accounts in fashion education. Identifying principles of good learning, INSD has constructed its philosophy of progressive thinking. Over the years, the institute has emerged as a hub of innovation in the realm of design, management & technology.We prepare our students to produce solutions nearly to any challenge within our domain specifics.

Integrated learning

  We stand for the value of inquiry-based teaching and learning. The academic core is designed to facilitate multidisciplinary study that assimilates aesthetic and industrial dynamics across levels and disciplines. It is this integrated learning at INSD that provides a unique platform to its students transforming them into professionals and preparing them for a wide variety of careers. Cutting across specialism’s, the students are encouraged to work with a cohesive approach to learning.