The study of Graphic Design involves an comprehensive understanding of a Graphic Designer’s role in history, society and research. We are one such Institute in India which understands the importance of visionary knowledge and also of the significant skills required to be a professional graphic designer. Our Institute believes in specialization so we will be conducting this Graphic design course through advanced professionals like layouting professionals, art directors, film makers, visualizers, prepress & postpress experts in this Graphic Course. This course will have a mix of theory and practical-based module to buzz your creative and technical skills as a designer. Theory based module will teach you the background and history of Design and Photography while practical assignments will give you hands on experience to improve your technical skills. Lecturers will teach you industrial practices that are relevant world worldwide to following career opportunities.
Programmes Offered:
Bachelors, Masters and
Diploma Programmes

Bachelors Programme
Semester 1 – 20 Credits
Fundamentals of design & drawing
Basic design
Idea visualization
Color theory
Graphic design
Image editing
Page layout design

Semester 2 – 20 Credits
Branding and advertising
Still life
Packaging – product
Desktop / digital publishing

Semester 3 – 20 Credits
Interface design/ web design
Media strategy
Language and practice of media arts
Advance multiplatform design
User interface experience